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Weber® Charcoal Basket

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Weber® Charcoal Basket

Charcoal baskets make lighting and determining the correct fuel quantities simple. The baskets also reduce the need to handle the fuel. They are made of durable aluminised steel and are for use in 57cm kettles.

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Indirect cooking is the method of choice for larger cuts of meat such as ribs, roasts, whole chickens, or delicate foods like some types of fish. However, arranging hot coals evenly around the outside of a grill can prove messy, difficult, and even dangerous. This pair of fuel holders solves the problem by holding charcoal or wood chunks firmly in place, allowing you to place a pan in the center of the grill to capture drippings and prevent flare-ups.

Heat from the two holders rises, reflects off the inside of the grill, and cooks slowly and evenly from all sides, much like a convection oven but with the improved texture and flavor of barbecue.

Made of durable aluminized steel, these holders allow for convenient indirect cooking. Fits 57cm (22.5") kettles. One pair

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