Trendz Blazio Outdoor Fireplace w/Firebox & Cooking Grill

Trendz Hudson Outdoor Fireplace w/Firebox & Cooking Grill

Trendz Douglas Outdoor Fireplace w/Firebox & Cooking Grill

Trendz Douglas Outdoor Fireplace w/Firebox & Cooking Grill

Trendz Hudson Outdoor Fireplace w/Firebox & Cooking Grill

Why allow entertaining outdoors only to summer evenings? A Trends Outdoor Fire allows you to keep warm and cook outside even on a cool night. Your guests not only enjoy the warmth of an open fire put the atmosphere and ambience it creates. Whatever your landscape design, a Trend Outdoor Fire will blend in and create a focal point.

The modern lines of the Blazio create clever blending of outdoor spaces with internal living areas to create an Alfresco living zone worthy of note. The stainless steel cooking grill means that the fire is not only useful for heating, but also cooking.

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Anyone really wanting to create a  outdoor living space will understand that installing a Trendz Outdoor Fireplace is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective
ways to do so.  There is no reason why you can't be satisfied with one of these fireplaces either.

Why the fires are so popular:

  1. You get a quality product, a fireplace that will throw out heat and draw the smoke well, thanks to the very unique design. 
  2. So easy.  It all comes as one piece, check out the installation instructions below and see for yourself how easily you can become the owner of a Trendz Fireplaces
  3. The look.  The Douglas is classic looking, well balanced, and because it is pre-cast you can be assured that every time you will get a great looking fireplace. The photos speak for themselves.


How do I install?
Trendz Outdoor Fires are one piece precast and ready to install. We will freight to any main depot in New Zealand. From the depot a hiab truck is needed to transport the fireplace from the depot and to lift it onto a concrete pad. This should take no longer than an hour. A mix of concrete is needed to pour the footprint for the fireplace to sit on(150mm deep) and to fill the bottom 400mm of the fire, for the firebox to sit on. The firebox needs to be bolted together inside the fireplace. 

Product dimensions: 2600 x 1390 x 650mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 1600kg

There are just four simple steps to install a Trendz one piece Outdoor Fireplace:

  1. Pour a concrete footprint 1390 x 650 x 150mm (L x W x D) for the fireplace to sit on.
  2. Organise a hiab truck to deliver the Fireplace from the depot to your home.

        3.  Fill up the bottom 400mm of the fire with concrete, and bolt together the steel firebox inside.

      4.  Finish the Fireplace however you wish.

What do I get?
The Trendz BlaHudson zio Fireplace comes complete with the one piece concrete structure, the steel firebox, stainless steel cooking grill and freight to a main depot nearby. Additional accessories can be added:

  • Gas Firebox - a hassle free option. No matches, firewood or paper.  Available in LPG or Natural Gas.  11.5kWh output - $3890
  • Mesh Door - Great for stopping any ash from falling out of the fireplace and protection from the elements - $699.00
  • Wood Boxes - Create a stunning effect with these useful wood boxes.  Made from Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) available in 2 sizes 500mm $850.00 or 800mm $1100.00 wide x 1100 high and 550 deep 
  • Stainless Surround - Give your Trendz fire a superior finish with the optional stainless steel fire surround.  Replaces the black steel surround - $599.00
  • Stainless Cap - 550 x 450mm.  Fixes to chimney top - $389.00
  • Hearth - GRC concrete hearth simply bolts on to the front of the fire - $599.00
  • Rocket Cowl  or Anti Down Draft Cowl to help fire draw well - $545ea
  • Chimney Extension - 400mm concrete extension section - $449.00
  • Stainless Flue - Adds style and helps the fire draw with an anti downdraft cowl - $545.00
  • Stainless Steel Door - Protects your fireplace while not in use and provides a very classy look! Simple slides into the firebox cavity - $585.00

Solid fuel or gas?
You have the choice of a solid fuel or gas firebox at an additional cost. Gas units feature an attractive log effect and are available in either LPG or Natural gas. 11.5kWh output. 

 What if I want to give it my own look?
Go for it! The Hudson is designed so that the outside only gets slightly warm, this means that while it is used as a shell anything can be done to the outside of the fireplace. 

Do I need a permit?
Most likely not, contact us today as our sales team know council requirements right throughout New Zealand, and will be able to assist.

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