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Victory Knives

Victory Knives

Victory Knives have a proud heritage stretching from 1927 until today.

Edward Goddard, a master cutler from Sheffield, England, emigrated to New Zealand and began designing and manufacturing knives in 1927. World War II was a significant period in the history of E. Goddard which became a major supplier of combat knives for the U.S. Army.

E. Goddard made and sold his knives under the brand Victory and over the many years Victory Knives have grown to be synonymous with high quality and robustness by the industy professionals who demand more than any from their tools.

All major meat and fish processing companies in New Zealand and Australia use Victory Knives and commercial divers all over the world request the Victory Knives Divers Knife.

Occasionally we get a visitor to the factory who stops by, enroute to the airport and off to the North Sea, and buys a box to trade with his mates. Or we get an email, from a diver, who has a story of survival only possible with one of our 'tools'. Or a fisherman from Bluff, or a Fireman...

Victory Knives continues to thrive today by maintaining the highest standards in manufacture and materials, building it's reputation for unsurpassed quality - at solid prices. We are nimble - if we don't have it in stock, we offer turn-around times unmatched by companies further afield. We closely colaborate with our friends in Germany - we import their steel and ensure our heat-treatment and processing is world class.

And, we're on the front foot. Low cost imports have made life tough especially having to defend our brand from direct knock-offs but we are 100% comitted to staying Made in New Zealand. It's also a very exciting time with new technologies under development. In 2013 we produced the worlds first (we think) 3D printed titanium knife for Emirates Team New Zealand and we are just beginning...

So whether for sports, industry or in the home, Victory Knives have a knife superbly designed for the job and, with a little care, can last a lifetime.



Victory Knives imports the best high-carbon, chromium steel produced in Germany under ISO 9001 conditions as used by leading cutlery and surgical instrument manufacturers. The composition of our non-stain steel is highly consistent and the selected alloying components allow it to stand up to harsh sterilisation and marine environments.

Benefits :

  • No compromises in sourcing the best steel.
  • Ensure traceability all the way back to the source.
  • Optimised blade materials superior edge resilience and corrosion resistance.
  • US FDA approved materials, easy to clean.


Extremely accurate & flexible cutting processes ensure that each blade is of a consistently high standard. We have the ability to adapt the blade shape to customise runs for niche industry requirements.

Benefits :

  • Precise Customisation to ensure you have the right solution.
  • High accuracy manufacturing from the beginning.


Critical to our success, with 90 years of refinement, our processes focus on small batch sizes and strict quality control to ensure all knives meet the highest standards. Our end users expect consistency in our steel hardness and steel quality. The free hanging blade stock is heated to +1000°C before rapid quenching, resulting in increased martensitic transformation, developing uniformly.
A sub-zero quench reduces the retained austenite content, followed by a double temper for hard wearing and long lasting performance.
54 on the Rockwell scale gives good edge retention which can easily be sharpened.

Benefits :

  • Outstanding material properties, the best quality cutlery.
  • Refined grain structure.
  • Resilient cutting edge.


Blades are all polished to further increase corrosion resistance; specific blades go through a secondary stage, readying the materials for the extreme conditions of marine applications.
The finish also results in a decreased cutting friction.

Benefits :

  • Superior corrosion resistance.
  • Reduced cutting friction.
  • Easy to clean.


The 5 axis CNC grinding machines produce full taper blades of exceptional precision and consistent geometry. This reduces the cutting resistance, minimising operator effort and strain.

Benefits :

  • High edge accuracy.
  • Low resistance taper.


Internally every batch is tested for its Rockwell hardness, ensuring that ± 54 HRC is attained.
Externally the micro-structure is tested and the hardness is verified.

Benefits :

  • Ensure consistency.


State of the art 6-axis robotics and traditional hand sharpening techniques are used to produce the final sharpened, polished cutting edge.
Every measure is taken to ensure our knives consistently meet the performance requirements of our end users.

Benefits :

  • Knife-edge performance.
  • Sharp out of the box.


Like our blades, our handles are application specific, refined over years spent collaborating with industry professionals.

Benefits :

  • Robust, Practical and safe.
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