Gasmate Stainless Steel Hotplate 320 x 485mm

Gasmate Stainless Steel BBQ Hotplate 320 x 485mm

Weber Q Half Hotplate For Weber Q (Q2000) Series

Weber® Q Half Hotplate

Gasmate Stainless Steel BBQ Hotplate 320 x 485mm

The gasmate Stainless Steel Plate 320mm is a high quality and user friendly barbecue plate which is ideal for use with most barbecue units to create even cooking and heat distribution. This barbecue plate is constructed from stainless steel for added strength and comes available in a 485mm length with a 320mm width for easy positioning and compatibility with most barbecue brands. 

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  • Stainless steel hotplate
  • 320 x 484mm

We also carry a 400 x 485 Top Notch stainless steel hotplate $329 you can find it here.

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