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Bison Airlighter 420

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Airlighter is the faster, cleaner, and safer way to light BBQs, campfires, wood fireplaces and just about any other fire. F3 technology ignites coal in 10 seconds, accelerates your fire to high heat in 1 minute or less, and gets you ready to cook in only 5-6 minutes! Enjoy cleaner tasting food and say goodbye to unwanted lighter fluid taste, all while helping to keep our planet cleaner by eliminating a known contributor to the erosion of the ozone layer. T

  •  No more lighter fluid accidents.
  • Lights any type of charcoal or wood in 60 seconds.
  •  Light and stoke fires without moving coals or wood.
  • Doubles as a chef torch for searing meat, carmelising sugar and more!
  • A hot torch flame ignites the fire then the blower spreads the flames quickly.
  •  Child safety locks prevent accidental ignition.
  •  Air-cooling keeps the barrel cool to the touch while operating

Important: Airlighter 420 does not come with fuel. Airlighter fuel or other butane needs to be purchased separately.



The video below is the Airlighter 520 (original) the 420 is the new version which is lighter, easier to use and runs on 3AAA batteries.



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