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Terms of Trade

1. Risk
That risk in any goods supplied by the vendor to the customer passes when goods are delivered to the customer or into their custody on the customer's behalf.

2. Returns, Claims, Refunds
The customer shall immediately upon receipt of the goods supplied fully inspect such goods and satisfy that the goods are correct. If the customer is unsatisfied the customer must immediately contact the vendor and communicate full details of such dissatisfaction.  Unless the above procedure is followed the vendor is entitled to assume that the goods are correct and therefore no returns, claims or refunds will be made.

3. Freight Charges
The customer shall be liable for freight charges, unless prior arrangements have been made.

4. Costs
The customer agrees that the vendor will be entitled to recover its costs of remedying any breach of the conditions of sale and supply in to he credit facility fo a solicitor and own client basis being covered up until the point where the full debt, including costs, are recovered by the vendor from the customer or guarantor or both.

5. Supply
Then vendor is not obliged to supply the customer and either party may close the trading account at any time.

6. Security Interest

(a) In consideration of the vendor supplying goods to the customer, the customer, by signing this General Security Agreement ("GSA")

i) Grants the vendor a scured interest in all the customers rights, title and interest in the goods that are so supplied by the vendor (hereinafter referred to as collateral).

ii) Agrees that any of the collateral or proceed of the collateral that comes into existence after the date heareof will come into existence subject, where applicable, to the security interest created herein without the need for further action by the vendor.

iii)Acknowledges the customer has received valuable consideration for the vendor and agrees it is sufficient.

(b) The vendor or its agents are authoized by the customer to enter any premises of the customer to recover of repossess unsold goods or any proceeds of sale there of where the customer defaults under any payment arrangement with the vendor.

Warranty on Barbeque, fire pit and patio heaters:

Your new BBQs and More barbeque has a limited warranty against manufacturers defect for the first 2 years, service for 1 year. This applies only to the first purchaser. Please see your owners manual for full warranty details.

If you have a problem with your product, please inform us by emailing sales@bbqsandmore.co.nz

We have the right to refuse warranty on products that have been damaged, misused or failing to follow the manufacturer's instructions. The warranty excludes and modifications or service by unapproved service organisations.

The product warranty does not cover any product that has been used for business purposes.

For a warranty claim produce your Sales invoice. The information in this warranty is limited to Consumer Garantees Act 1993.